At our essence, we are energy, material outcroppings of a vast sea that comprises everything. Reiki goes straight to this fundamental source energy to heal, balance, restore, and activate the body's energy system, like the fine-tuning of a grand piano. Working directly and deliberately with energy allows us to expand and evolve, like the notes of a beautiful symphony radiating outward from that stringed instrument into all areas of our lives, and beyond.
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Pronounced "ray-key," Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in post-isolationist Japan in the early 1900s, evolved largely in Hawaii throughout the 20th century, and now is practiced across the globe. The word is frequently translated to "universal or spiritual life force energy" and refers to a family of practices for working consciously with this energy. Like a flowing river, there are many branches, and practices are frequently individuated according to what each practitioner brings through their own process of mastery. Most commonly the hands are used to adjust the flow of energy that already exists within our body's field simply by resting on or above a person's body at specific points. Reiki can also be performed across physical distances since energy is not bound by the same constraints of time and space as we are. 
The science of Reiki healing is only just beginning to be explored, but there are many promising studies supporting that it has successful outcomes for pain management, decreasing side effects from treatments of chronic disease, reduction of stress hormones that contribute to anxiety and depression, and the improvement of heart rates, blood pressure, and immune responsiveness. It is important to understand that healing of any sort—whether it is physical, emotional, or otherwise—is a journey and to level our expectations for specific timelines and outcomes. As it applies to individual health circumstances, balancing Reiki with conventional treatments—as opposed to replacing them—may be of the highest benefit, and Reiki is included in growing numbers in the integrative health programs of many top tier hospitals and universities, such as the Yale New Haven Health Smilow Cancer Hospital, the Penn Medicine Abramson Cancer Center, and the Cleveland Clinic.
Whether it is through a one-time or occasional Reiki session or through the personal practice of Reiki, the ultimate goal is to help us continually align with our True Self—that part of us that exists only as energy and is unlimited by the internalized conventions, expectations, and wounds of our time, place, and history—so that we can live a life that is freer and more fulfilling, meaningful, joyful, and connected. The healing and activation that Reiki provides can create powerful shifts in this direction that ripple out into all areas of our lives.

Please note: I do not claim to resolve or diagnose any medical, psychological, financial, or legal issues. It is encouraged that you also seek appropriate professional guidance as needed where these issues are concerned.

My experiences of working with energy have been peppered throughout my life, although for most of that time it was done unconsciously. I remember moments where I felt surges that were especially strong—most noticeably when my children were very young or in need of soothing from emotional or physical distress—and on an instinctual and intuitive level I knew how to use my hands to help them find relief, feeling an electrical buzz that is now commonplace for me. Later as I began making changes in my adult life to untangle myself from situations that had become constraining and as I had started to develop my multisensory abilities more deliberately, I followed a synchronous breadcrumb trail that led me to my first Reiki experience. As I lay on the table, I recognized that familiar sensation, and I quickly decided to learn this practice for myself. That was 2019, and after very focused, daily practice I was attuned as a Reiki Master-Teacher halfway through 2020. This journey of around 18 months provided a framework for me to sharpen the practices I had been doing all along, offering not only specific methodologies to work with but the language to wrap my head around something that from my Western, academic background had no context. It is from this place that I approach my practice and teaching. 
Reiki is an extremely effective and accessible foundational tool for working with energy that anyone can learn and benefit from. My background allows me to connect with people who, like me, may have had no framework or context for what working with energy even means, as comparable energy practices from the traditions of my European ancestors were effectively eradicated across the centuries. Whether I am offering a healing session or teaching and attuning others, I meet people where they are, based on their needs and desires while honoring the flow of the practice all the way back to its source in Japan.


To book a session, please see the "What to Expect from a Reiki Session" section below, then scroll down to request a free 15-minute consultation.

A hands-on session with Reiki is powerful, but remote sessions can be equally as powerful. For remote sessions, you will need a comfortable location where you will not be disturbed. All sessions are conducted via Zoom. A free, 15-minute consultation in advance will address any questions you may have and ensure you are clear on what to expect before scheduling.

In-person sessions are currently closed.

Currently, I am accepting beginning Reiki students as well as working with continuing students. Classes are 1-on-1 and are personalized to meet your needs. Meetings are available via Zoom or in-person training (in San Antonio or Austin, Texas). I periodically lead group workshops; please visit this page for upcoming events.

SELF-HEALING AND EMPOWERMENT WITH REIKI: Harnessing Fundamental Energies for Change
Level I Shoden Reiki Part 1 (1-on-1 training)
1 90-Minute Session: $150

During this course you will:
          • be introduced to the basics of Reiki and energy healing
          • learn the hand positions for self-healing
          • receive 1 attunement
          • have the option to schedule a free, 15-minute follow-up consultation session, as needed 

Easier than meditation, self-Reiki is a powerful and accessible practice that can benefit anyone, and the self is always the starting point with any Reiki practice. This is an excellent option for those who are seeking to heal and empower themselves but are not interested in extending their practice to work with others. Or, for anyone wishing to go deeper, this course acts as part 1 of Level I Shoden Reiki training and allows time to develop comfort and proficiency with self-Reiki before moving forward to working with friends, family, or animal companions. No prior experience with energy work is necessary.
To enroll, use the form at the bottom of the page to schedule a short, free consultation.

STRENGTHENING OUR CONNECTIONS TO LOVED ONES WITH REIKI: Sharing Energy Healing with Friends, Family, and Animal Companions
Level I Shoden Reiki Part 2 (1-on-1 training)
2 90-Minute Sessions: $300; prerequisite: Reiki for Self-Healing and Empowerment

During this course you will:
          • go deeper into the history of Reiki and the principles and ethics of energy healing
          • be introduced to the Five Precepts to aid you in your Reiki journey
          • learn the traditional Japanese as well has the modern hand positions for healing others
          • receive 3 attunements
          • become certified for Level I Shoden Reiki in the tradition of Usui Shiki Ryoho
          • receive a hand-painted and lettered certificate (by mail)
          • have the option to schedule a free, 15-minute follow-up consultation session, as needed 

At whatever point your feel ready to continue your practice to begin working with others, this course acts as part 2 of Level I Shoden Reiki and will complete your certification for Level I Shoden Reiki in the tradition of Usui Shiki Ryoho. Additionally, this course provides valuable context that respects and honors the tradition of Reiki and the practices that distinguish it from other forms of energy healing. 
To enroll, use the form at the bottom of the page to schedule a short, free consultation.

SHARPENING YOUR ENERGETIC FOCUS WITH REIKI: Sharing Energy Healing Across Locations and Expanding Your Practices Beyond Personal Connections
Level II Okuden Reiki (1-on-1 training)
2 90-Minute Sessions: $300; prerequisite: Level I Shoden Reiki training and certification

During this course you will:
          • learn traditional Reiki symbols that can be used to help focus and expand energy
          • begin to practice connecting energetically across locations
          • contextualize traditional Reiki practices more expansively
          • receive 3 attunements
          • become certified for Level II Okuden Reiki in the tradition of Usui Shiki Ryoho
          • receive a hand-painted and lettered certificate (by mail)
          • receive a PDF of this section of my Reiki workbook 
          • have the option to schedule 2 free, 15-minute follow-up consultation sessions, as needed 

Whether or not you choose to work professionally as a Reiki practitioner, the Level II Shoden Reiki practices and attunements can serve to significantly expand your relationship to working with energy, including an activation of energy within your physical body (commonly known as Khundalini, although that term stems from a different tradition) that opens your field and your body to align with, receive, and channel a higher energetic frequency that can serve as a change-maker in your life and in the world. It is recommended to allow a minimum of 30 days after completing level I training before beginning level II. Apart from that, the timeline for transitioning to this next level is entirely up to your sense of readiness.
To enroll, use the form at the bottom of the page to schedule a short, free consultation.

In-Person Sessions: You will be lying on a massage table fully clothed without your shoes (please wear comfortable clothes, socks, and no perfume or strongly scented products). I will be placing my hands over various parts of your body for several minutes at a time, and you may choose hands-on or hands-off. 
Remote Sessions: You should be seated comfortably in a quiet location where you can see the screen easily and not be disturbed.
All Sessions: We will begin with a short, guided meditation to ground you before beginning the Reiki healing. During the healing, there is nothing you need to do except relax and allow for whatever surfaces. Everyone experiences Reiki differently and no two sessions are alike. Some of the many ways in which you may experience Reiki include:
~ physical sensations such as temperature changes, tingling "electrical" feelings, deep relaxation which may or may not be preceded by a temporary tensing of parts of the body, twitching, stomach gurgling, a feeling of disconnection from or dissolution of your body, the sensation that hands are "melting" into your body
~ heightened emotions
~ a thought "train" in which thoughts race through your brain
~ visuals such as colors, geometric patterns or shapes, seeing scenes play out as if watching or being "in" a movie
~ an overall sense of peacefulness and interconnectedness
In all cases it is recommended that you do not try to control the experience. Instead, allow yourself to observe without judgement or analysis and become aware of what you are experiencing while simply allowing it to unfold.
At the end of your Reiki healing, I will play three notes from a singing bowl to help reground you and gently end the session. As you feel ready, we can optionally discuss your experiences. Sharing is up to you, and some people choose to process their experience privately while others find it helpful to unpack it together. And while Reiki is not a reading, I am happy to share anything I may have noticed about your energetics or that came forward in my experience, at your request. 
After your Reiki healing, it is important to hydrate and eat healthy foods. You may find that you have a voracious appetite and that your sleep patterns are altered for a short while as your body and energy adjusts. Allow yourself time and space to process anything that surfaced (I generally advise keeping your schedule clear afterwards). 

Thank you!
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