We live in a world of words and symbols, and we crave meaning in a way that is understandable. Card readings translate intangibles into helpful and effective guidance and messages through language and imagery. The clarity they offer can help you untangle blocks and reveal possibilities, leaving you empowered and inspired to create meaningful change in your life.
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"I utilized Lisa's tarot reading services a couple of times, and both instances have been exceptional! She provides so much in-depth information pertaining to what is currently unfolding in one's life and helps me to shift and/or focus on certain things in order to manifest the most favorable outcomes. The format of the reading is beautifully done and I sometimes refer back to it to see how some things have come to fruition. I highly recommend Lisa for your tarot needs!"
— Shaundra Smith
Clients have called my reading style relatable, down-to-Earth, fun, and "like talking to a friend who gets you, no explanations needed." Frequently, close-to-exact wording or imagery will be echoed in the reading from other significant conversations, moments, or objects, which provides confirmation and trust while also calling forth energies that are relevant to you at the time of your reading. All information and guidance that comes forward is channeled from what I view as a shared energy field and tends to be big picture and filled with depth. Though the readings are non-predictive, I often find that breadcrumbs are provided that may make sense on one level at the time of the reading but that unfold and reveal additional layers of meaning as time goes on. My focus is on empowering you with deeper clarity and insight to create positive change in your life through healing and manifestation. If you are ready for change, for living in a more conscious and deliberate way, and for opening to a universe of potential that may have previously seemed unreachable, let's talk.
I have worked with people across the globe from an array of cultural backgrounds, belief systems, and personal identities, but you must be at least 18 years of age to receive a reading. Your privacy and fundamental human dignity is of the utmost importance to me.

Please note: Any guidance included in readings is provided from a spiritual perspective and is non-predictive. Outcomes are dependent on free will choices and actions taken in combination with the people in our lives. Wherever you are concerned with medical, psychological, financial, or legal issues, it is encouraged that you also seek appropriate professional guidance as needed.

Email readings will be delivered in the form of a clearly designed PDF file that includes an image of the cards in your spread. Current booking times are within 2 weeks of reading request. 
To book a reading, scroll down to request a reading or for new clients, an optional, free 15-minute consultation.

As Willy Wonka eerily sang, "There's no earthly way of knowing... which direction we are going..." So why not tap into a little unearthly knowing? This reading offers guidance on energies that can help us in the most beneficial way possible, looking at what we can release, continue, and grow as well as a little extra insight for the road.
Recommended for anyone looking for clarity on what can help them as they journey along their path.

People gonna people, am I right? Our connections with others are some of the best incubators for growth in life, and as a result sometimes those connections can get a little confusing and/or challenging. This reading provides a broad view of the combined, current energy and dynamics in any kind of relationship and offers general guidance.
Recommended for anyone who wants deeper insight into familial, professional, or personal relationships of any kind.

Hey, you. Yes, you. This is one of my most requested readings. Don't beat yourself up if you feel drawn to it. Seriously. This deep-dive reading provides a broader understanding of past, internal, and external influences that have contributed to a diminished sense of self-love and provides guidance on how to transmute those energies in order to move forward with expanded confidence. If you feel you are in crisis and at risk of self-harm, please reach out to the available resources in your area of the world. You are loved and needed, and when you are ready, the option of this reading will be available to you.
Recommended for anyone struggling with a sense of self-worth or confidence.

Sometimes we don't know the questions to ask. Or sometimes we just want to release control and ask, what do I need to know at this time? What's going to help me? This deep-dive reading goes there, channeling the energy of universal archetypes and looking at your current lesson path and what energies are active in terms of your physical, emotional, mental, and creative/spiritual worlds. To close, it offers insight on what you ideally need to release, continue, and grow as you move forward on your path as well as general guidance. This is a streamlined version of my signature offering, Visual Meditations, but does not include the energy treatment, meditation, or channeled painting. You can learn more about Visual Meditations here.
Recommended for anyone looking for high-level guidance and ready to get straight to the heart of what will be most meaningful at this stage in their evolution.


Zoom readings will be recorded so that you have a record of the reading. A link to the recording + a JPG file with an image of the cards in your spread will be emailed following the reading. Current booking times are within 2 weeks of reading request. 
To book a reading, scroll down to request a free 15-minute consultation.

 $75 per 30 minutes (max. 2 hour-sessions)
These interactive readings are free-form and conversational, creating an opportunity to cover a variety of topics or finely tune into one area of your life. While not formally tapping into the Akashic Records, these deep-dive readings are similar in that they channel energies and guidance from a very high-level view and act as an energy attunement as much as they offer insight and guidance. The option to include a Reiki session in tandem with the reading is also available. A free, 15-minute pre-reading consultation is required for these readings in order to maximize our time together (this is mostly for your benefit in order to give you a brief orientation on how the reading will work and so together we may determine the best option).
Recommended for anyone ready to open a window and let some fresh air into their lives in a profound and meaningful way.

Thank you!
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