I'm Lisa Rawlinson, a multisensory artist, intuitive reader, and energy healer. I followed my heart and left a career of almost 25 years in publishing. Turns out, it's pure magic.
For a long time in my life, I had a mental file labeled, "Huh. Well, that was weird." I tucked away experience after experience that I couldn't rationally explain... the dream I had about a car accident that then happened exactly as I'd seen it, the muffled voices I heard at a historic fort in Texas when no one else was around, the recurrent visions I had in the late summer of 2001 of an airplane flying into the high-rise conference room where I frequently sat in meetings. These experiences ranged from amusing to unsettling, but at the time I simply accepted them as odd phenomenon I couldn't explain and went on with life, as one does, and I didn't talk about them much. Then everything changed. Maybe I just got to that age where I finally stepped into my personal sovereignty. Maybe it was that so much of what I had built no longer fulfilled me and no longer offered room for me to grow. I started doing things differently, and as I did those unexplainable experiences came rushing in like a deluge. This time, I decided to turn my attention towards them instead of away, and lo and behold, they expanded even more.
I have since developed my "extra" senses and card reading skills primarily through self-directed research and practice while also undergoing training in Reiki and returning to making art, which I studied in college. Eventually the lines between these practices began to blur, resulting in my signature offering that I call Visual Meditations, a unique form of reading that synthesizes Tarot, Reiki, and channeled painting and poetry. I offer these alongside traditional card readings and Reiki. And all that experience I honed in my years in the corporate world of publishing hasn't gone away. I've taken what was valuable and repurposed it. While my new "work" allows me to be free from convention, my respect for professionalism still runs high. The soft skills I gained during those decades allow me to connect with a wide swath of people. I speak the language. I know the drill. I have been there. Lived it. I understand. And this shared experience with so many people allows me to connect just that much more personally. 
And now, I get to experience what feels like magic every day, and I get to open that window and let the fresh air rush in for others. ​​​​​​​
I am proud to have served people from across the globe, from a spectrum of belief systems, and from communities that have been historically underrepresented and undervalued. Y'all means all.


I don't know what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn't what [Lisa] came through with. Quite frankly, I was blown away, and maybe it's because I had no expectations that I was taken by surprise or maybe it's because of the quality and type of information that came through in my reading. In any case, Lisa's reading really hit home for me, and since then I've revisited the material she gave [me] several times, and it seems like I get something new out of it each time."

I received a reading and Visual Meditation painting from Lisa. The painting is beautiful, and I love gazing at it as I meditate. The intuitive reading was exactly what I needed to hear at this time in my life. I received a lot of useful information, guidance, and confirmation of my own understanding of what I’m going through. The reading combined with the Visual Meditation painting are providing me with love-infused guideposts to what I can co-create with the Universe. What I need to leave behind, where I need to focus my attention and learning to trust my own intuition for what next step to take. I feel blessed to have received so much from the combined reading and painting."
— Christine N.

"This reading did just what I was hoping it would do—it opened new doors and offered new perspectives on issues that have become life-long struggles. I recommend Lisa whole-heartedly."
— Jack

"I rarely make recommendations, however following a reading with Lisa I felt that I must due to how much her reading resonated and how her style of reading gave me workable guidance and action steps to move past my blocks. Lisa gave a reading that provided comfort and confirmation of what I need to do to move forward, and she gave great insight into many areas linked to my question. I found Lisa to not only be a compassionate reader but one that provides a reading in a relatable way that is easy to understand, and it is given in an honest and comforting manner. I would highly recommend Lisa for readings and look forward to having future readings myself."
— K.  Woronkovicz

"Positively eerie! Somehow Lisa conjured something that struck an unexpectedly personal chord. Her meditation (almost exactly!) echoed the words given to me long ago by a dear friend when I was struggling. Part encouragement, part advice, part hugely valuable reminder, whether in struggle or in good stride times. And now, above my desk, part cool visual representation of it all! This has been a delightfully unusual art experience, indeed."
— Chelsea Smith

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